Reseal-it® is an innovative, patented labelling system that allows packets to be opened and closed up to 25 times, keeping food fresher for longer. This resealable packaging concept reduces food waste, saves money for consumers and ensures your brands are perfectly presented.

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70th anniversary logo of Macfarlane Group

Macfarlane Group celebrates 70th anniversary this week

When Norman Macfarlane founded his commercial stationery business, N.S. Macfarlane & Co Limited, on 26th April 1949, after being demobbed following his National Service, ...

25/04/19 11:50
a bin overflowing with food waste

Reducing food waste with resealable packaging

The environment has been a prevalent topic this year, prompting supermarkets and manufacturers to commit to reducing waste within the next few years. Many companies have ...

04/12/18 09:00
toast in a shape of fish sandwich with fruit elements

Resealable Packaging for on-the-go Baby Food

The increased demand for on-the-go baby food, means the UK baby food market is expected to grow by 22% in 2022. One product category that has shown steady growth is finger ...

06/11/18 09:00

Enhancing Brand Image with Resealable Packaging

Enhancing Brand Image with Resealable Packaging   The packaging industry has undergone multiple transformations and today’s brands are aiming to increase ...

04/10/18 15:59
market leader

4 Reasons Why Resealable Packaging is Market Leading

4 Reasons Why Resealable Packaging is Market Leading   When it comes to the FMCG market, resealable packaging is known for ensuring that products stay safe and ...

18/09/18 10:18

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