The Reseal-it® packaging concept is designed to provide the customer with an easily opened pack, which can be reclosed to preserve product freshness and reduce food-waste.


Reseal-it® Blog

Resealable food packs: Why customers love them!

Did you know packaging can affect the way customers determine how fresh your products are? According to Mintel’s Food Packaging Trends: Spotlight on Food Labelling ...

20/09/17 11:20
A waste bin overflowing with rubbish

Reducing food waste: How packaging can help

Did you know Glasgow households waste 41,000 tonnes of food - the equivalent to throwing away around 90 million meals each year? The Evening Times reports the average ...

29/08/17 14:54
Angry customer

Don’t let hard-to-open packaging undermine your brand reputation

All of us can probably think of at least one example of packaging that we found hard to open. Struggling to access the contents of the pack is not only extremely ...

02/08/17 16:23
Fruit and vegetables background picture

Fighting food waste – How Reseal-it® can help

British households throw away 7.3m tonnes of food and drink each year, which represents 71% of the total food waste produced in the UK. Most of it is preventable.  ...

20/07/17 10:49
Gem Mixed Fruit resealable snack pack

Resealable packaging in the world of healthy snacking

Nowadays, our busy lifestyles dictate our eating patterns, and studies show that the healthy snacks market is growing in demand. * The Association for Packaging and ...

08/06/17 14:00