Reseal-it® is an innovative, patented labelling system that allows packets to be opened and closed up to 25 times, keeping food fresher for longer. This resealable packaging concept reduces food waste, saves money for consumers and ensures your brands are perfectly presented.

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Macfarlane Group publishes its 2019 Interim Results

Macfarlane Group PLC, the UK’s largest distributor of protective packaging products, has this morning announced its Interim Results for the first half of 2019, revealing ...

22/08/19 09:38
A woman throwing a piece of cake into her house bin

Why resealable packaging can help reduce food waste

A call to action from the government has prompted UK’s major supermarkets and more than 100 of the biggest food companies to sign a pledge to drive down food ...

02/07/19 09:00

Macfarlane Group announces its AGM statement

Macfarlane Group PLC (“Macfarlane”) today publishes its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) Statement covering 2019 to date. At the AGM in Glasgow Stuart Paterson, ...

14/05/19 12:39
a couple shopping at supermarket

Millennials driving demand for on-the-go and sustainable packaging

Millennials have been a motivating force for retailers to become environmentally sustainable with their products and packaging. Millennials believe packaging to be an ...

14/05/19 09:00
70th anniversary logo of Macfarlane Group

Macfarlane Group celebrates 70th anniversary this week

When Norman Macfarlane founded his commercial stationery business, N.S. Macfarlane & Co Limited, on 26th April 1949, after being demobbed following his National Service, ...

25/04/19 11:50

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