Reducing food waste: How packaging can help

A waste bin overflowing with rubbish
Did you know Glasgow households waste 41,000 tonnes of food - the equivalent to throwing away around 90 million meals each year? The Evening Times reports the average Glasgow household bins around 7,900 tonnes of fresh vegetables and salad and 2,500 tonnes of meat each year. The city also throws away over 236,000 slices of bread a year and ...

Don’t let hard-to-open packaging undermine your brand reputation

Angry customer
All of us can probably think of at least one example of packaging that we found hard to open. Struggling to access the contents of the pack is not only extremely frustrating, but it can also be dangerous when items such as knives, scissors and keys are used. Research shows that two-thirds of British customers have claimed to injure ...

Fighting food waste – How Reseal-it® can help

Fruit and vegetables background picture
British households throw away 7.3m tonnes of food and drink each year, which represents 71% of the total food waste produced in the UK. Most of it is preventable.  Avoidable food waste costs an average British family £700 a year or almost £60 a month – money that could be better spent elsewhere. Much of the food and drink that we throw ...

Resealable packaging in the world of healthy snacking

Gem Mixed Fruit resealable snack pack
Nowadays, our busy lifestyles dictate our eating patterns, and studies show that the healthy snacks market is growing in demand. * The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) forecasts that the U.S. food industry will grow at a stable rate of 2.9% CARG (compounded annual rate of growth) through 2022, with snacks predicted ...

Meeting the expectations of the 21st century customer

A young woman struggling to open a jar
In the age of customer choice and markets overflowing with similar products, the customer is truly king! Just a small amount of innovation, alongside product price and brand loyalty, can go a long way in attracting customers’ attention. Last year, leading market intelligence agency, Mintel, conducted research on some of the main trends in ...

Reducing food waste at home with resealable packaging

A bin overflowing with wasted food
There are many things that have a negative impact on our planet, one of them is food waste. Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates the total amount of food waste in the UK at an alarming 10 million tonnes. This equates to over £17 billion a year, and amounts to about 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Shocking, but ...

Reseal-it® team attends PACE USA 2017

Reseal-it nuts pack
Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels are attending the Packaging & Converting Executive Forum (PACE) USA in Chicago on the 17th and 18th May. This year’s event will host over 100 packaging design and innovative development experts and will be themed around Unlocking the key to a successful packaging design process to deliver a functional, ...

Healthy snacking with resealable technology

MS Eatwell seed and nut mix packs
Leading a busy lifestyle can make it difficult to stick to the traditional three meal a day routine. Irregular working hours, after-work activities and travel all encourage nibbling between meals. A recent report from Mintel* revealed that as many as 95% of UK adults snacked in December 2015, down just by two percentage-points from 2014. Over ...

Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels attends PACE Europe 2017

Hellema biscuits
Macfarlane Labels are attending the Packaging & Converting Executive Forum (PACE) Europe this month. Packaging executives are gathering together in Amsterdam, Holland between the 28th February and 2nd March to discuss the latest trends and innovations within the industry. Wim Brunsting and Angela Campbell from Macfarlane Labels will ...

5 packaging trends for 2017

Insignia Technologies label image
Based on a recent report by Mintel Group Ltd., we look at 5 key packaging trends for 2017. 1. Unique packaging design Traditionally, the main function of packaging is to protect products, but growing customer demands and new developments in the industry have led a path to fresh challenges and opportunities. Packaging can have an impact on ...
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