Month: September 2015

Is re-sealable technology winning over packaging phobic consumers

Let’s face it, outside its dedicated media, packaging rarely gets a good press. At best, packaging is taken for granted, its role often misunderstood.  One problem is, it’s invisible – until it becomes waste! Then we see it everywhere, it litters our streets, our hedgerows and our beaches. It’s an emotive subject, attracting ...

MS Eatwell seed and nut mix packs win the silver award at the prestigious Starpack Awards

Pulse Flexible Packaging Limited won Silver in the Food Category with their bespoke Reseal-it® packs for M&S Eatwell Seed & Nut Mix. The results were announced at the awards ceremony on 10th September at Leicester Space Centre. Reseal-it® technology allows the packs to be easily opened and reclosed up to 25 times, presenting food ...

Reseal-it® a better way to keep cooked meats fresher longer

Reseal-it® by Macfarlane Labels is an innovative labelling solution that helps to preserve product freshness, resulting in less food waste. Following the successful application of Reseal-it® onto Tesco’s savoury snack range and Walkers’ biscuit packs, its benefits have now been recognised by a family-owned business, Greene Farm ...

Benefits of using tamper evident labels

Whether you are a manufacturer of food, medical or electrical equipment, you may want to ensure that your products will not be tampered with when leaving your production site. Tamper-evident security labels are designed to deter unauthorised access to your products by making it obvious if somebody has interfered with them. They achieve ...


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