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Millennials driving demand for on-the-go and sustainable packaging

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Millennials have been a motivating force for retailers to become environmentally sustainable with their products and packaging. Millennials believe packaging to be an influential consideration when purchasing products. Sustainability throughout the whole supply chain is a decisive factor and even packaging material is seen as part of the brand ...

3 Reasons Why Half of Britons Skip Breakfast: Can Resealable Packaging Help?

People can’t find time for breakfast due to hectic morning schedules - a 150% increase from 2012.   According to Daily Express, half of all adults in Britain skip their breakfast. This is the biggest age group of breakfast skippers are 16-24 years old (66%). Similarly, 58% of those aged 25-34 also choose to miss their breakfast. Is ...

Resealable food packs: Why customers love them!

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Did you know packaging can affect the way customers determine how fresh your products are? According to Mintel’s Food Packaging Trends: Spotlight on Food Labelling report, 64% of grocery customers in the USA pick food based on the fact that it is fresh and often judge product freshness by the quality of its packaging.* Resealability is one ...

Don’t let hard-to-open packaging undermine your brand reputation

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All of us can probably think of at least one example of packaging that we found hard to open. Struggling to access the contents of the pack is not only extremely frustrating, but it can also be dangerous when items such as knives, scissors and keys are used. Research shows that two-thirds of British customers have claimed to injure ...

Fighting food waste – How Reseal-it® can help

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British households throw away 7.3m tonnes of food and drink each year, which represents 71% of the total food waste produced in the UK. Most of it is preventable.  Avoidable food waste costs an average British family £700 a year or almost £60 a month – money that could be better spent elsewhere. Much of the food and drink that we throw ...

Healthy snacking with resealable technology

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Leading a busy lifestyle can make it difficult to stick to the traditional three meal a day routine. Irregular working hours, after-work activities and travel all encourage nibbling between meals. A recent report from Mintel* revealed that as many as 95% of UK adults snacked in December 2015, down just by two percentage-points from 2014. Over ...

5 packaging trends for 2017

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Based on a recent report by Mintel Group Ltd., we look at 5 key packaging trends for 2017. 1. Unique packaging design Traditionally, the main function of packaging is to protect products, but growing customer demands and new developments in the industry have led a path to fresh challenges and opportunities. Packaging can have an impact on ...

5 key trends in food packaging

Food packaging is a highly-competitive industry that is constantly evolving to address new challenges and expectations. Here are 5 recent trends in this fast-paced industry. 1. Transparency Contemporary food incidents such as the 2013 horse meat scandal have undermined customers’ trust in the food industry. According to a recent survey ...

Resealability in the food industry

Packaging plays an important role in the food industry. Not only does it protect products from spillage and damage throughout the supply chain, but it can also affect the way customers perceive your products. With so many similar products available on the market, innovative packaging designs help to attract customers’ attention and ...

How resealable packaging influences consumer perception of food freshness

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Product freshness alongside its quality are important factors that may influence customers’ buying decisions. According to a recent report by Mintel Group Ltd, 57% of US shoppers evaluate product freshness by its appearance, whereas 72% rely on on-pack information such as the expiry date. Packaging plays a key role in keeping products in ...


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