Walkers Shortbread Ltd.

Tesco Savoury Snacks Range

Seabrook Crisps

Greene Farm Foods


Walkers Shortbread Ltd.

In 2010, Walkers Shortbread decided to redesign an existing biscuit pack in order to add value and functionality to the packaging for their customers.

Macfarlane Labels worked closely with Walkers to design a resealable label that could be applied to the flow wrap packs.

Working alongside Walkers, Macfarlane Labels trialled the Reseal-it® pre-applied system onto their existing film. This solution meant that Walkers benefited from an economical, quick and investment free packaging development. The new Reseal-it® label offers Walkers:

  • Easier to open packs
  • Consistent resealable packaging
  • Optimum product freshness.

Following its initial success, Walkers have now rolled out Reseal-it® solutions across a wide range of biscuits and packs, which are sold in the UK and USA.

Tesco Savoury Snacks Range

Following the successful launch of Reseal-it® within the soft fruit sector at Tesco, Macfarlane were asked to work with the Tesco design team and its food packers to create a Reseal-it® solution for a new snack pack range of savoury picnic and pastry products, including cocktail sausages, pasties and sausage rolls.

The challenge was to develop a resealable concept that:

  • Is consumer friendly – easy to open and close.
  • Helped to reduce food waste – date codes had to remain visible.
  • Maintained the product and brand integrity.
  • Helped to reduce packaging waste.
  • Provided shelf appeal.

We worked closely with the chosen food packers and FFP Ltd., who supplied the Esterpeel lidding film, ensuring that the Reseal-it®, pre-applied film ran smoothly through the packing lines, with no compromise to speed or quality.

Tesco were very happy with the results and the product was launched nationwide in September 2011 and continues to be a popular product on the shelves.

Seabrook Crisps

Seabrook’s are a UK based potato crisps manufacturer. Having seen other Reseal-it® applications, Seabrook’s were interested in implementing the resealable label on to their own packs of crisps.

Ultimately, they were looking for a unique pack that would make their products stand out in the market place and set themselves apart from the competition. The label allows the crisps to be shared easily and resealed to maintain product freshness.

Once Macfarlane Labels had shown Seabrook’s how the label worked they were very interested in moving forward with the project.

Macfarlane Labels produced a plain trial for them to test through their line and review for shelf life etc. Once the testing stage was approved, artwork was produced and samples of current bags were supplied for matching.

Seabrook’s are delighted with the new package as it is a first to the market place.

Key Advantages:

  • The packet can be opened more easily which, makes the product easier to share in a café or bar and on a train or plane
  • Product can be resealed and keeps the crisps fresh

Greene Farm Foods

Greene Farm Foods is a family-owned business that specialises in the production of cooked meat products.

The Irish company was looking for a packaging solution that would provide their customers with easy-to-open packs to help them better manage their weekly meat purchases.

The Reseal-it® technology has been applied to their full range of cooked meats including sliced chicken, turkey and beef as well as its new ‘torn chicken’ range.

The key benefits of the Reseal-it® solution include:

  • Customers find resealable packs easy and convenient to use.
  • The new packs help customers to better manage their weekly spend on meat products
  • The Reseal-it® technology is pre-applied at Macfarlane’s facility in Ireland, allowing the company to benefit from the new solution without any capital investment at their own plant.

Pleased with the early results, Greene Farm Foods is now considering the possibility of extending the use of Reseal-it® technology to their other products.


Warburtons is a British family-owned baking company founded in 1876 and is the largest bakers in the UK.

Warburtons are pioneers of the industry and ambitious market leaders, always seeking to challenge themselves and convention. Following a successful introduction of Thins in to the UK market, Warburtons decided to rebrand the product to add value to the packaging and enhance the functionality for the consumer.

In 2015, Macfarlane Labels worked closely with Warburtons to design easy to open and close labels that would help to differentiate their products from the competition.

Reseal-it® technology was initially applied to the largest nine-packs. The Reseal-it® pre-applied system was applied to their existing film. After a successful period in the market, the entire range was rebranded and new packaging artwork was developed to highlight the benefits of Reseal-it®. The new range was launched in February 2016.

Main benefits:

  • Reseal-it® provides a clean, functional opening device which is ideally suited to the Thins product.
  • It allows easy opening to access the bread and allows the consumer to cleanly reclose the pack.
  • Reclosing the packs allows optimum product freshness for the life of the product.

A series of meetings were held at the Warburtons bakeries to ensure a smooth introduction of Reseal-it® technology to their product line.