Reseal-it® Pack Types

Reseal-it® can be used on a wide range of pack types:

  • Flow Wrap: vertical, top-seal and regular
  • Tray seal
  • Gas-flush Thermoforming
  • HPP packs
  • Vacuum packs

Reseal-it® Applications

Reseal-it® offers a wide range of products, which can be tailored to your specific needs, resulting in a more optimized solution. If space is a commodity in limited supply, we can offer several installation options to make your production as smooth as possible.

  • Inline Application
    A Reseal-it® machine applying Reseal-it® labels to your film directly on to your packaging line.Our units can be either retro-fitted on existing production lines or integrated on new machine installations by us or by our partners, Printpack.
    Printpack and Hapece logos
  • Pre-applied Application
    This solution avoids the complexity and cost of additional machinery.The label and the Reseal-it® function is applied by us or one of our partners on ‘ready-to-run’ film reels.

Fuji and Reseal-it® are partnered to offer a full resealable flow wrap packaging solution.

Reseal-it® interfaces with Fuji wrappers to apply the label to your package.